Go with Glorg
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date October 30, 2013
Episode Guide
"Engagement Party"
"The Love Lioness"

"Go with Glorg" is the fifth episode of Season One of ABC's Super Fun Night. It was written by Hannah Friedman and directed by Rodman Flender. It is the fifth episode of the series overall, and will premiere on October 30, 2013. "Go with Glorg" attracted 5.17 Million Viewers.


Kimmie gets new insight into her "frenemy" Kendall when the two end up together on an alcohol-fueled girls' night out. Meanwhile, Marika and Helen-Alice go to the Murna Princess Warrior Convention and are shocked to find that their idol, Murna Princess Warrior (or rather Alison, the actress who portrays her), isn't who they expected, on "Super Fun Night"


  • It was originally named "Girls' Night Out", but was later changed 2 weeks before it's premiere

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